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White Pizza Recipe

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Simple White Pizza Recipe

Looking for something a little different and unique for dinner tonight? We have a White Pizza Recipe that is something you can try when you are tired of pepperoni and cheese pizzas. Our White Pizza Recipe is super easy to make and even very healthy for you. Many people haven’t ever heard of a white pizza. It is normally a meatless pizza that uses ricotta cheese which makes the pizza very white in color.

You can add your favorite vegetable toppings and maybe a second or third type of cheese to really max out your white pizza. Visit our pizza recipes website to get the recipe or watch the recipe cooking video I added below to learn how to make a homemade White Pizza Recipe. You don’t have to feel like making homemade pizzas is hard to do. All of our pizza recipes are very easy to follow and require just a little effort.

Quick White Pizza Recipe

White Pizza (1)

The best pizzas always start with the right Pizza Sauce Recipe. You can use this pizza sauce recipe to make a homemade White Pizza. Just follow our quick and easy recipe directions. The truth is, our pizza recipes will turn you into a gourmet pizza chef in just a few recipes! So quit buying those frozen pizzas and start making fresh, healthy homemade pizzas that taste great. You will be asking yourself how you could have lived with frozen pizza for so long after a few of our quick and easy recipes.

Mushroom Pizza2011-04-03 - Pizza - 0007Spicy White Pizza with Bacon, Shrimp, and AsparagusSpicy White Pizza with Bacon, Shrimp, and Asparagus2012-07-21 - Vegan Veggie Ranch Pizza - 0003

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White Pizza Recipe Video


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