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Traditional Mexican Foods

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Traditional Mexican Foods from Mexico

There are a variety of traditional Mexican Foods that are served here in the United States because they’re very popular among Americans and Mexican Americans.  Traditional Mexican Foods include burritos, tacos, enchiladas and nachos to name a few.  You can find these traditional Mexican Foods served at a variety of restaurants from fast food to formal.  Mexican Food is popular because it’s tasty, affordable, and always filling.  Many homes enjoy a Mexican Food even though they are not of Mexican American heritage. Cinco de Mayo Recipes are a part of traditional Mexican foods.

In most traditional Mexican Foods you will find either beans, rice or corn.  Beans are used in a variety of Mexican Foods, pinto and black bean been the most popular.  Spanish rice is another food that you will find served alongside most Mexican recipes.  Spanish rice consists of a tomato sauce and onions and of course rice.  In Spanish rice the tomato sauce and onions are boiled down with the rice to give it that unique Mexican flavor.  Corn is used to for making corn tortillas as well as served whole inside a Mexican recipes.

Verde Mexican Food in Phoenix

Traditional Mexican Food Recipes

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Serving Mexican traditional foods is simple and easy to do.  Many people have traditional Mexican Foods as part of their regular dinner menu.  Mexican Foods like burritos are very easy to make, beans, rice, meat, vegetables and tortillas made great burritos.  Most traditional Mexican Foods include tortillas, beans, rice, vegetables and some sort of meat like Carnitas, chicken, pork and beef.

Traditional Mexican Foods Video

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