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Sourdough Pizza Recipes

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Simple Sourdough Pizza Recipes

Do you want to be the talk of the town??How about having a block party and inviting all of your neighbors. Have you a sourdough pizza party. Everyone can help you preparing your sour dough pizza crusts. Then you can have each neighbor bring several ingredients from their own kitchen of their choice.

Everyone loves sauerkraut how about trying it as a topping. You can add any type of cheese to this sourdough pizza recipe everyone has their own preference in meat from Italian sausage to protein filled shredded chicken breast. Add in some mushrooms bell peppers onions or fresh garlic. There are so many possibilities with this sourdough pizza recipe the sky is the limit. Add it with a nice fresh romaine with a olive oil and lemon based dressing or maybe you prefer an iceberg salad with blues cheese with bacon and feta. Whether it’s macaroni salad or sourdough bread sticks drenched in basil and butter ,these sour dough pizza recipe combinations are simple to make cost efficient. Try our classic Pizza Sauce Recipe!

Sourdough Pizza

Julia's Zaatar and Preserved Lemon Pizza

Just throw in some iced tea or lemonade maybe a pitcher of fresh strawberry and mango water whatever the combination this sourdough pizza recipes will be sure and impress the most difficult of guests. What about even asking your littlest of guests to bring to their favorite toppings for a dessert pizza could be anything from marshmallows to chocolate to apples so everyone gets a chance to get involved in making their own sourdough pizza recipe.

Sour dough pizza recipes are a wonderful way to bring people together to have fun whether its creating your own block party, you could cook this special sourdough pizza recipe up and take to your children’s school to say thank you to all of the faculty. No matter what the occasion or how you cook it up everyone will love it! Looking for the Best Pizza Dough Recipe ever? Click over to our website today!

Sourdough Pizza Recipes Video


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