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Solar Oven Pizza Recipe

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Solar Oven Pizza Recipe

Looking for a solar oven pizza recipe? We have got a solar oven pizza recipe that you will just adore! Come to our website and see all of our recipes and all of our solar oven recipes and even all of our pizza recipes. We know that you care about the earth and so do we. Solar oven recipes are really not that difficult if you know what you are doing and that’s where we come in – we want to share the best solar oven pizza recipe that really is foolproof. We want your solar oven experience to be so good that you experiment with cooking other things in your solar oven also. Solar energy is great for the earth and that’s why we love it. We know you love it too and we know you want to be super successful with this solar oven pizza recipe.

Pizza is actually one of the simplest things to cook in a solar oven and that’s why it makes for a great starter solar cooking recipe. You don’t need much – just a large pizza box, some aluminum foil, black construction paper, plastic wrap, masking tape and string. Of course this will take longer than a regular oven to cook your pizza but that’s okay – I’m sure you’re willing to spend some time to be part of the solution. You will enjoy our Pizza Sauce Recipe.

Solar Oven Pizza

Solar Pizza

Don’t forget to preheat your oven! Just set it in the sun for an hour and you will be ready to go. I’m willing to bet that you will find that pizza cooked in your solar oven is even tastier than pizza cooked in your regular oven. And not just because you’ve done something really cool. Also because things that take longer to cook generally allow the flavors to mix much better and give the end result a special, slow cooked taste. Enjoy your sun-cooked pizza! Try our Best Pizza Dough Recipe!

Solar Oven Pizza Recipe Video

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