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Recipe Spinach Tomato Feta Pizza

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Recipe Spinach Tomato Feta Pizza

Are you yearning for a great, inexpensive, and delicious taste of Italy? Well go ahead and try spinach tomato pizza with hunks of feta cheese. It’s light airy crust with a light drizzle of olive oil, garden fresh tomatoes and spinach will transport you straight to a Italian deli. Mama Mia! It’s just like you’re in Aunt Sophia’s kitchen.

If you are worried about cost don’t worry here this recipe cuts cost as easy as…a pizza. Don’t even get me started on taste this pizza is packed with so many flavors you will want to kiss your Grandma. There are so many a possibility to even expand on the flavor roller coaster that is already piled on the billowy pizza is easy pizza crust recipe.

You can always add other cheeses like mozzarella or Parmesan. For you non-veggies out there you can always add thin sliced ham or Italian sausage. This pizza is great to pair with a fresh salad or crispy, cheesy, garlicky bread sticks.

Everyone in the house will be rushing to the dinner table after your tomato, spinach, and feta pizza. You may get mobbed. You can even bring this out for parties or any social event. Anywhere you bring this pizza they will always ask for seconds and don’t worry if they start calling you Mama Leone.

Recipe Spinach Tomato Feta Pizza Recipe

 Pizza Fiorentina

This flavor packed spinach tomato feta recipes are non-expensive because the cost of meat is gone, but you are definitely not missing out one any of the flavor. It goes great with any type of salad whether it be a darker crispier salad or even a more light fruitier salad. Its time to have fun with your food and go out of your normal realm of thinking. So jump in there and have fun, and bring a little taste of Italy back home with our easy pizza sauce recipe.

Recipe Spinach Tomato Feta Pizza Video

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