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Pizza Burger Recipe

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Easy Pizza Burger Recipe

Thinking about making Pizza Burgers for dinner tonight? That’s a pretty good choice! You mix the classic pizza taste from Italy with the good ol’ American burger concept and end up with pizza burgers! Pizza burgers are usually a hit with kids! Kids eat pizza a lot and they eat cheeseburgers a lot, so mix the two together and children will clean their plate every time and even ask for seconds!

Stop by our pizza recipes website, where we do our best to give you healthy, easy recipes that your family will enjoy eating. We have everything you need to create homemade pizza with little effort. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make fun pizza recipes at home! Start with our easy pizza recipes and you can make the best homemade pizza in no time. So, when the kids start to holler “What’s for dinner tonight?”, tell them they are having pizza burgers for dinner and watch them get excited!

Pizza Burgers


To make the best homemade pizza burgers for your family, start with our Pizza Sauce Recipe. A great pizza sauce is the secret to a wonderful tasting pizza. Our pizza sauce makes pizza burgers tasty and juicy! Give it a shot, just follow our quick and easy pizza sauce recipe to get started making pizza burgers for dinner tonight. Watch the helpful cooking video featured below! I hope you enoy eating your pizza burgers! Thanks for reading!

Pizza Burger Recipe Video


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