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Mexican Traditional Dress

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Mexican Traditional Dress and Recipes

There are two big distinctions when it comes to Mexican culture, the Mexican traditional dress and the Mexican Recipes.  When people think about Mexico, the Mexican traditional dress and their style of food is what always comes to mind.  Mexican traditional dress is not as common here in the United States as it is in Mexico even though we have many Mexican American family’s living here in the states.

The colors most seen in Mexican traditional dress are a mustard yellows, burgundy and reds, purples, greens and browns.  The textiles of Mexico actually have a very long history and heritage, made fibers and cloth in Mexico has been around since about 1400 BC.  Although the clothing shop styles have changed radically since then, the type of fabrics used is still the same.

Mexican Traditional Dress Textiles and Fibers

Purple Dress

In Mexico the clothing and the rugs are made from natural fibers that are dyed.  Most Mexican traditional dress is handcrafted in Mexico and not made by machines.  Mexican style dress remains an important part of the Mexican economy because Mexico itself is not a very wealthy country.  The Mexican American people depend on their ability to make fine clothing in order to produce money for their country.  Mexican Food and Mexican traditional dress are important forms of income for the Mexican people.

Mexican clothing and textiles are important part of Mexican heritage because the Mexican style of dress is also important.  Women begin learning to make Mexican traditional dress during their childhood, it’s just part of their culture.  Mexican traditional jobs comes in fiber citrus silk cotton and wool and they are harvested in Mexico which help the economy.  If you are looking for Mexican traditional dress, you can shop online or visit Mexico.  Mexico is a very popular vacation spot as well as a place to get Mexican traditional dress.

Mexican Traditional Dress Video

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