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Italian Appetizer Recipes

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Simple Italian Appetizer Recipes

Have you been looking for those special appetizers for your next outdoor get together? Why don’t you take a look at some of these Italian appetizer recipes? They are fun and fast to make, everyone will be sure to enjoy these appetizers.

Italian Sausages with onions and peppers are a great recipe for appetizers. You can use any kind of sausages you prefer like beef, pork, chicken, or a mixture of all of them. Just cut the sausage into ovals and fry in a skillet until brown. Then take out of pan to cool and add onions and peppers, whatever color you like with your favorite seasonings like garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. Then once the peppers and onions are cooked to your liking reheat the sausage and serve with crusty bread cut into slices. This easy appetizer recipes is packed with flavor and only takes about twenty to thirty minutes to make. It could also be served as a main course.

Easy Italian Appetizers

Sandra´s Recipes - Alaska -- Moose Italian Sausage in Yoshida Sauce Appetizer

Let’s talk about bruschetta. It is such an quick easy appetizers it takes just minutes. Do you like tomatoes and basil? This first bruschetta recipe is for you. Just take a can of crushed tomatoes and drain them, add salt and pepper with a few pinches of garlic. Just layer basil your tomatoes and a couple slices of mozzarella onto a baguette cut into slices and drizzle with olive oil. Do you prefer a sweeter appetizer? How about trying a gorgonzola and honey bruschetta? Just take a baguette and cut it into thin slices and brush with olive oil and bake. Then you need to make a mixture of gorgonzola cheese and honey. Once the bread has cooled add your sweet mixture and enjoy.

There are so many Italian appetizer recipes to choose from, you just have to take the time out to find your favorite.

Fast Italian Appetizer Recipes Video

Pictures of Italian Appetizer Recipes

Bruschetta al Pomodoro

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Perfect Summer Afternoon at the Italian Cafefried doughCarpaccio di trotaCauliflower Souffle at Oliverio Hoteli love my bruschetta days.appetizer that´s a main.

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