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Halloween Graveyard Cakes

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Halloween Graveyard Cakes are the perfect treat to make for any Halloween Party.

These Graveyard Cakes are so fitting for Halloween.

They are so outrageous they are perfect for Halloween.

The following is instructions for how we created our fun and spooky Halloween Graveyard Cake!

Halloween Graveyard Cake Recipe

Make two 8in square cakes. Each pan requires a full box of cake mix, 4 cups of which are baked for each 8in square.
The extra 1 1/2 – 2 cups are used to make a single cake, which can be made into anything you like. After both cakes cooled, they were frozen overnight. Then, both of the tops were cut off.
The tops were each moved off the cake slightly and turned on an angle, then cut with a serrated bread knife to form the two hills.
The fence is chocolate covered pretzels.
The tombstones are chocolate covered Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies.
The path is chocolate icing covered in Oreo cookie crumbs.
The coffins are made of graham crackers, broken to shape and glued together with chocolate, then covered in chocolate with a paintbrush.
The cauldron and flames are piped royal icing.Halloween Graveyard Cakes
The grass is also piped out using royal icing.

From the two extra 6in cakes that were made with leftover cake mix, I made a Ghost Cake. Once frozen, I cut the top off one of the 6in cakes, then iced it to glue the second 6in cake on top. I left the dome shape alone on the top cake to help with the curvature. The dome sliced off the 1st cake then went atop the whole thing, glued down with icing. The whole thing was given a crumb coating, left to dry then iced with a thick layer of white buttercream.

Halloween Graveyard Cakes Videos

Graveyard Cake

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Graveyard CakeHalloween CakeGraveyard cake (210/365)Jesus & The Raptor Cake on Vimeo by Katie Snyder

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