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French Appetizer

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Simple French Appetizer

A french appetizer is a sophisticated way of serving your guests a pre-dinner snack. In France it is customary to serve snacks and finger foods before the main course. It’s tradition to have at least three courses to any meal in France, so you better have some easy appetizer recipes on hand. A French appetizer can be something as simple as a cheese tray with breads, crackers, olives and nuts. It is also customary to serve a wine with your French appetizer. In France it is believed that wine will make you more hungry before a meal. Alcohol is known to increase the appetite and the appetizers will help stretch out your stomach to make room for more good food.

Quick French Appetizer

There are numerous French recipes that one can serve as an appetizer. Something as simple as fondue is an easy way to gather everyone in one place to share an appetizer with some wine. A brie cheese appetizer is another simple and easy to make dish before the main course begins. Children and adults and both love a French appetizer. In France it is a tradition to always eat as snack while the main course is being prepared.  It’s makes for great family time to talk and catch up on current events in everyone’s lives.

Meals are usually served at a later hour in European countries such as France. Dinner time it’s usually a very late in the day so serving appetizers is what the French do to curb their appetite. Bacon wrapped asparagus is a great appetizer and that you might want to make and the saltiness of the bacon tastes great with wine.

Easy party appetizers with cheese is is a must when it comes to French Food, almost all French cuisine consists of some cheese in the recipe. Easy party appetizers like cheese trays and deli trays are an easy way to make a simple food for your guests before the main course served. Because no one wants to have a hungry people waiting on the meal, a French appetizer is a simple snack that you can serve to curb the appetite of your guests.


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