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Filet Mignon Appetizer

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Simple Filet Mignon Appetizer Recipe

Make a simple Filet Mignon Appetizer for your fine dinner parties.  Filet mignon is not just for dinner anymore. A filet mignon appetizer is just what you need to trump the other hostesses.  Serving a filet mignon appetizer recipe is classy and sophisticated.  the best way to get the a good filet mignon appetizer is to start off with a good 1-2 lb filet mignon roast.  Using the whole roast allows you to choose the select cuts.  Filet mignon is a favorite dish because it’s a tender, juicy cut of beef.

Find the best easy appetizer recipes for your parties and dinner gatherings. Find palate pleasing appetizers using choice cuts of beef like filet mignon and veal.  You serve an appetizer like this for your fine dinner parties and family gatherings.  Blow their minds with these tender, soft cuts of filet mignon as a appetizer.

Filet Mignon with Maple Glaze

Filet Mignon Appetizer Recipe

Easy party appetizers using beef are only a heartbeat away. A filet mignon appetizer is actually very easy to make and it takes less time than most appetizers. You can easily pan sear and broil them in less than 10 minutes. It’s a quick and easy appetizer your guests will be talking about everywhere they go.

This is the perfect party appetizer for your guests to enjoy.  They will never know what hit their tastebuds.  It’s the best appetizer in the whole world.  What is better than choice cut, tender beef as your appetizer before the main course?  Try our filet mignon appetizer recipe at your next party.

Filet Mignon Appetizer Video

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