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Famous Italian Desserts

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What are the most famous Italian desserts?


There are so many famous Italian desserts that you can prepare for your parties as an after dinner delight. The most simple of the famous Italian desserts to make yourself is the Tiramisù.  Tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert that is so sweet and creamy with a hit of chocolate and/or coffee making it fabulous!  Italian desserts make great holiday dessert recipes for the whole familia!

There are many famous desserts that are Italian; there’s Anisette, Babà, Biscotti, Biscuit Tortoni, Cannolo siciliano, Cassata siciliana, Chiacchiere (angel wings), Ciarduna, Crostata, Fruitti di bosco, Gelato, Gianduiotto and Gianduia, Granita, Macedonia (fruit salad), Panna cotta, Pandoro, Panettone, Panforte, semifreddo, Pastiera, Pignolata, Pizzelle, Semifreddo, Sfogliatelle, Tiramisù, Torta caprese, Struffoli, and finally, a Zabaglione.  These are some of the most famous Italian desserts there are and you can take your pick of any of them if you want authentic Italian desserts.

Famous Authentic Italian Desserts

tiramisu cupcakeAn Anisette is a cookie and Fruitti di bosco is the Italian name for a fruit with pastry, both make great simple dessert recipes.  You may have heard of Gelato before; that’s an Italian ice cream and Gianduia is hazelnut chocolates or chocolate spread spread.  There are so many delicious desserts to choose from in Italian cuisine that you can’t go wrong with any of these recipe choices.

Maybe you could make some Struffoli for your next dinner party or Holiday gathering?  They are tiny fritters held together with honey and decorated with multi-colored sprinkles.  The kids will love them!

With so many famous Italian desserts to choose from  you can’t go wrong.  Some recipes are easier than others so sort through them and see what suits your needs and schedule.  Create Italian masterpieces every time with these decadent famous Italian desserts.

Tiramisu Kreme RollInstant Tiramisu

In a large bowl, whisk together equal parts mascarpone cheese and whipped topping
Add a little espresso powder and rum (optional) to taste;
Put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
Place in serving cups, preferably clear glass
Top each serving with a ladyfinger,
Add dabble Whip Cream
Add sprinkle of espresso powder and some chocolate shavings

Instant Tiramisu Cooking Video

Roll cake ~tiramisu...?~homemade & tiramai-suTiramisuTiramisu CakeStarbucks Tiramisu Mooncake

tiramisu cupcakecoffee & tirami-su = splashTiramisu Kreme RollTiramisubehold the mighty  tiramisù

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