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Date Appetizer Recipe

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Simple Appetizer Recipe

Appetizer recipes like a date appetizer are a great dinner starter.  Make your own date appetizer using our simple step by step directions with pictures and video included.  You can now serve up the best date appetizer for your parties, picnics and potlucks.  Appetizer recipes are fun for parties because they get guests gabbing near the buffet table.  Party appetizers like a date appetizer is a sweet way to get conversation starter.

There are variety of easy appetizer recipes you can make with dates.  Dates are quick and easy to prepare and you can serve them hot or cold.  Dates make excellent appetizer and desserts.  Date appetizers include sweet maple dates and date and bacon appetizers.  Bacon wrapped dates are a popular little date appetizer that everyone seems to agree on.

Quick Appetizer RecipeMedjool Dates Wrapped in BACON !

Easy party appetizers essential to the preparation of a party. Whether you want something sweet and salty or just sweet; at date appetizer is the perfect party piece.  Serve your date appetizer with bacon and almonds.

This sweet, salty and crunch snack is the ideal appetizer for your dinner parties. Family friendly appetizers that leave you speechless.

A date appetizer for a date night with your girlfriend is just what you need to show her your romantic side.  A man who can cook is a man to be loved.  Enjoy this fabulous date appetizer recipe.

How To Make Bacon and Dates Appetizer Recipe:

Cut 6 strips thin-sliced bacon cross wise into 4-in. lengths. Wrap each of 18 pitted Medjool dates snugly with a piece of bacon, overlapping ends.

Set dates, seam sides down, in a 10- to 12-in. nonstick frying pan over medium heat. Turn dates occasionally until bacon is browned and crisp on all sides, 6 to 8 minutes total.

Drain on paper towels and serve warm or cool.

Makes: 18

Time: 25 minutes

Date Appetizer Video

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