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Chicken Pizza Recipes

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Simple Chicken Pizza Recipes

Hear ye! Hear Ye! All of you enthusiastic cooks. Looking for something new? How about putting a new spin on an old favorite? Chicken pizza, now that’s something to crow about! This is an ideal dish to take to casual gatherings such as a birthday party. It’s also less fat than some other pizzas. It’s always a hit from the youngest to the oldest.

What’s not to love about this taste sensation. Can be made ahead of time and warmed up later in the microwave if someone is late. And it still tastes just as good. Just by combining a jug of tea or a bottle of your favorite beverage, with an added salad or potato chips this would make a great impression on any guest. Listen guys we only go around once in life so let’s go outside the box sometimes with delicious Pizza Sauce Recipe. And let the good times roll.

Chicken Pizza

Thai Chicken Salad Pizza

There are so many different variations of this pizza. It’s so simple that even your children can make it. Just simply go into your favorite grocery store and pick out ingredients for our Best Pizza Dough Recipe. Then simply add on your choice of pizza sauce. Some precooked shredded chicken then you can add. Use some American or cheddar cheese. Follow it up by adding some of your favorite toppings. Place into the center rack of your preheated oven. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

This is a cost friendly meal that everyone will enjoy. If you don’t want to make a larger pizza you can also make personal pan pizzas or mini pizzas just by simply taking away the pizza crust and switching with sourdough slices Texas toast you can even use biscuits for smaller children. No matter how you make it just remember chicken pizza is always a healthier alternative and tastes great!

Watch the recipe video to learn how to make a simple chicken pizza recipe for dinner tonight.

Chicken Pizza Recipes Video

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