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Chicken Kiev Recipe

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Easy Chicken Kiev Recipe

Are you looking for a really good chicken Kiev recipe? Well you have come to the right place – come to our website and see our awesome chicken Kiev recipe. You will be so glad that you did. You could have a yummy chicken Kiev dinner on the table in less time than you would think. Grab some veggies from the freezer and put them on the side and your dinner is complete.

Chicken Kiev is an elegant dinner made with pounded chicken breasts that are wrapped around cold garlic butter and then breaded and fried or baked. Most chicken Kiev recipe variations originate from the Ukraine. I know we don’t generally eat a lot of Ukrainian recipes, but what’s not to like? Chicken – good, butter – good, garlic – good, breading – good. Put them all together and you have something very tasty. Also try our Grilled chicken marinade recipes.

Fast Chicken Kiev Recipe

Hainanese Fried Chicken - close-up - Hawker's Cafe 2 AUD12 half chicken

No chicken Kiev recipe is going to be the quickest thing to make in the world but the extra time is worth it when you get this elegant, restaurant style dinner on your table. This is fantastic to impress guests or relatives who just didn’t know you could cook like that. Or who are expecting something amazing from you. You could even make this as an everyday family dinner and your family would be all smiles.

So come to our website and see all of our chicken recipes – not just our chicken Kiev recipe. We make sure to make everything as easy as possible by including pictures and simple instructions. Who needs complex recipes? Not us! We know that after working all day, even if you want a fancy dinner, you don’t want it to take forever to get it on the table. So all of our recipes are picked with that in mind. We have tons of chicken recipes and many other easy chicken marinade recipes, and plenty of other dinner and dessert and meal recipes.


Chicken Kiev Recipe Video


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