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Cheesy Potato Soup

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Cheesy Potato Soup Recipe

Are you bored with plain original chicken noodle soup? Have we got the soup for you, cheesy potato soup. It’s a comforting flavorful bowl of hearty goodness. This delectable soup can be used in a variety of ways for instance you could use it as a meal in itself or as a wonderful side-dish. Potato Soup is something you can start in the slow-cooker before heading out the door and when you get home you can smell its enticing aroma.

You could also make it a few days ahead of time and freeze it. Just heat and serve, dinner is just a few minutes away. If you want to use it as a more filling meal, try pouring it over instant rice or bowtie pasta. If you’re a bread lover, you could get a loaf of sourdough and take out the filling leaving a nice hollow well to empty your soup into. This soup can help the working mother really stretch a buck. It’s a very inexpensive meal that can conquer the heartiest of appetites. Although it is not a costly soup it does not lack in flavor. Maybe try spicing it up with a few dashes of hot sauce or a slice or two of jalapeno.

Cheesy Potato Soup


There are so many topping you could use for this soup, try a dollop of fresh sour cream and chives or hot from the fryer tortilla chips or some crumbled crispy bacon. This is a wonderful soup for a dreadful rainy day or for the kids’ snow day. You could also take it to a sick friend in a thermos to help put a pep in their step. Potato Soup Recipe is a winning hand that the whole family is sure to enjoy, follow my video on how to make this amazing recipe.

Cheesy Potato Soup Recipes Video


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