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Cheeseburger History

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Cheeseburger History

Let’s talk about cheeseburger history! The cheeseburger sure seems like an All-American meal but does true cheeseburger history really show that the cheeseburger was invented in America?

It makes sense to assume that the hamburger really did come from Hamburg, Germany because of the similarities of the name but who stuck that little slice of cheese in there? And is this really something you can trace? Will we ever really know the truth about cheeseburger history?

There are actually several American restaurants who have claimed to have come up with the very first cheeseburger ever. It does seem clear that the grilled hamburger recipes was invented by somebody in America and somewhere around 1925.

Most cheeseburger history reports point to a 16-year-old boy named Lionel Sternberger working as a fry cook in his father’s restaurant invented the cheeseburger. According to famous cheeseburger history lore a homeless man actually suggested it.

The Real Cheeseburger History

Mmm...cheeseburger-special sauce

In all actuality though, it could be that many people came up with the idea at the same time. Hamburgers had been around for a while, restaurants were becoming quite popular, hamburgers were extremely popular, and people are putting lots of stuff on the burgers.

There is no reason why several people in several different states in several different restaurants couldn’t have come up with the idea to put a piece of cheese on a burger all within 10 years of each other.

It just makes sense – no matter what you think of cheeseburger history you have to admit that cheeseburgers were an excellent idea that anyone intending to improve on hamburger would have eventually come up with dropping a slice of cheese on it.

Cheese is almost as American as apple pie and we Americans love our cheese and we Americans love our hamburgers and putting the two together has been a good idea since it first happened. Check out our best hamburger recipe.

Cheeseburger History Video

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