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Buttermilk Chicken Marinade

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Best Buttermilk Chicken Marinade

Make yourself a southern style buttermilk chicken marinade to top your grilled chicken with.  Find the best recipes for your grilled chicken including this fabulous recipe for a buttermilk chicken marinade.  There’s something so sultry about cooking with buttermilk that makes everyone go wild.  It could just be the two best words combined, butter and milk, to make one amazing, fantastic flavor we all love known as buttermilk.  If you are looking for something unique and different try making a buttermilk chicken marinade.

Grilled chicken marinade recipes are great for outdoor cooking.  When you want to cook something other than hot dogs and hamburgers for your barbeque, a buttermilk chicken marinade can really change things up for you at the grill.  Chicken marinade recipes for the grill are perfect when the weather is all sunshiny bright and beautiful.

Easy Buttermilk Chicken Marinade

butermilk chicken marinadeEating chicken instead of beef and pork is always a healthier option when it comes to making healthier dinner choices.  You friends and family will love this buttermilk marinade and it’s really not as heavy in calories and fat as one might think.  Much of the fat will be burned off in the grilling process.

You can also use a buttermilk rotisserie chicken marinade to really give your dinner some flare.  Eating chicken from a rotisserie is healthy and affordable because everyone knows that whole chicken is cheaper than fresh chicken breasts.  Boneless, skinless breasts are great but when you are on a budget, whole chicken on the rotisserie is always an option to when you have a buttermilk chicken marinade.


Buttermilk Chicken Marinade Cooking Video


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