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Bubble Pizza Recipe

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Simple Bubble Pizza Recipe

Are you looking for an awesome bubble pizza recipe to cook up for the kids this evening? Well then we have got what you are looking for! We have got a ton of amazing recipes and our Pizza Dough Recipe is second to none. Your kids are going to be so excited and actually, our bubble pizza recipe is so simple that they can even help make it. So come on over to our website today and see all of our recipes – our best bubble pizza recipe has pictures and simple instructions and is super easy to make.

So bubble pizza is usually made with ground beef and sausage and maybe pepperoni and the crust instead of being a traditional pizza crust is made with biscuit dough. This is what the kids love about it. It bubbles up a little bit too so maybe that is why they call it bubble pizza. Besides the me and I crust there is of course also pizza sauce and depending on what your kids like you could add mushrooms and onions too. And then of course you have to add cheese. Lots of kids prefer cheddar cheese so that’s a good choice, but you don’t absolutely have to stick to that if you don’t want to.

Bubble Pizza

Friday night is pizza night

So anyways, even if you are to be going to a child’s birthday party this would be a fantastic type of pizza to make. You could make a few – at least enough so that every party-goer could have 2 to 3 pieces and then you would be the talk of the party. This bubble pizza recipe is so much more unique than store-bought or party place pizza. The kids will love our pizza recipes and it will be much cheaper too. If there were such a thing as bubble cake your entire birthday party meal would be done!

Bubble Pizza Recipe Video


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