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Best Recipes for Chicken Fried Rice

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Recipes for Chicken Fried Rice

Are you ready for some chicken fried rice? I know I am. Taste doesn’t get any better than this. And if these recipes got any easier to cook, well then you couldn’t call it cooking.

This meal is especially high in protein but also rates up there at the top of the list for being filled with fiber. And has so many delicious vegetables that go into it that you are not lacking in any of the taste. Some vegetables that are best to go into the chicken fried recipes are peppers, any kind of your choice, Onions sweet or hot, broccoli green beans or even some sugar snap peas. You can add in all these ingredients into a wok and with some olive oil or sesame oil , add into whatever your taste buds prefer on your choice of rice and let this wonderful aroma start filling your house. Try our cajun chicken marinade.

Chicken Fried Rice

General Tso´s Chicken

To fun up these chicken and fried rice recipes you may want to add in some soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce. You can add this meal along with multiple appetizers like some all-vegetable eggroll or try adding in some shrimp or pork to your eggrolls. Pork dumplings egg drop or easy chicken marinade goes great with these chicken fried rice recipes.

By cooking these in a slow cooker or a crock pot it takes away time from cooking on top of a stove to make it easier for you. They are so many different varieties of these recipes that can be made. The cleanup time is virtually nonexistent. Taking time to try some of these chicken fried rice recipes with adding on a few added favorites will be better than going to your favorite Chinese buffet.

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