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Best Cajun Appetizers

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Simple Cajun Appetizers

Are you ready for something different besides the same old hum drum meat and potato scene? How about the best Cajun appetizers you have ever eaten? Everyone will enjoy these Cajun appetizers. Those of you who enjoy cooking those of you, who enjoy eating, will love to indulge in this taste fantasy.

What wonderful flavors what wonderful textures, to bring to your taste buds. A food good enough for the angels, but for us to enjoy while we are here on earth. If you have not tasted these best Cajun appetizers you are in for a treat. How about trying some delicious shrimp and creamy grits. You will love our easy appetizer recipes.

Cajun Appetizers

Crawfish Chowder at Monsour's Real Pickle

First you will need two cups of grits, and then you will add the chicken stock and heavy cream. Bring these ingredients to a light boil. Cook a third cup of diced of bacon, till delightfully crispy. Empty the bacon onto to let excess grease drain. Then to the same pan you cooked the bacon in, add in ten to fifteen medium to large shrimp. Sear the shrimp on both sides till fully cooked. Once the grits are cooked to your desired texture add the bacon, shrimp, salt, and pepper. Serve in your favorite bowls, top with a bit of butter, your favorite shredded cheese and a sprinkle of fresh parsley.

How about a mini po boy? Take a fresh loaf of French bread, cut the bread into fourths.take fried shrimp, fried scallops, or just fried pieces of chicken. Spread some spicy mayo on the bread add seafood, top with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles (usually sour pickles work better). To refresh your thirst from this great appetizer you could drink the house wine of the south called sweet tea with lemon or a refreshing tall glass of lemonade with a sprig of mint. Try our Easy party appetizers.


Best Cajun Appetizers Video


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