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Basic Mexican Rice

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Simple Basic Mexican Rice

Basic Mexican Rice is no more than just whole grain rice, tomato sauce and onions. In Mexico a basic Mexican rice is used with almost every Mexican recipe they serve in their cuisine.  Based Mexican rice is perfect with all Mexican recipes and every single family and a restaurant has a style all their own.  All Mexican rice recipes start out as the simple basic recipe with rice tomato sauce and onions boiled down.  The three ingredients that make for a very flavorful and simple Mexican rice recipe.

A Basic Mexican Rice recipe is perfect just by itself or you can add your own style to it.  Some people like to add carrots, peas, Lima bean and other ingredients into this basic Mexican rice recipe.  A Basic Mexican Rice recipe is perfect for children who don’t like seeing vegetables or big objects of any kind inside their rice.  A lot of kids are very peculiar about what they will eat but many will be a basic Mexican rice recipe.  Rice is an important part of all Mexican Recipes.

Basic Mexican Rice Recipe

Mexican food

A basic Mexican rice recipe is just what you need to serve those authentic Mexican dinners when friends and family come over.  If you are having a Cinco De Mayo party or some sort of large celebration and need to accommodate a large crowd of people, Mexican Food is a great way to feed a lot of people on a budget.  Because rice is affordable and so are tomato sauce and onions, you will find that a basic rice recipe is the perfect party food.

This basic rice recipe is so quick and simple to make you will include it as part of your normal Mexican dinner routine.  Simply brown that onions whipped butter or oil then add the rice and brown that too.  Next, add the tomato sauce and a large amount of water and let it simmer and boil down to you have fluffy basic Mexican rice.  It’s a very simple and easy recipe if you’re looking to make just basic Mexican rice for your Mexican Food recipes.

Basic Mexican Rice Recipes Video

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