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4th of July Appetizers

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Simple 4th of July Appetizers

Are you missing that bang at your Independence day celebration? Well if you answered yes then do we have the solution for you? We have so many appetizers that will have more pop than a firecracker and more zing than a rocket. The first mouthwatering appetizer we would like to discuss with you is the classic hot wing. Don’t worry they are so simple but packed with a powerful blast. All you will need for thess simple mouthwatering easy appetizer recipes is about a dozen split chicken wings fried to a crispy golden brown. Then in a sauce pan simmer some hot pepper sauce a stick of butter Worcestershire sauce, and a few dashes of hot sauce this is guaranteed to start off fireworks in your mouth. Then bake. This is easy as pie.

Then the next delicious idea is some deep fried pickles. Just get some spears buttermilk and a big batch of cornmeal. Heat up a Dutch oven half full of oil and take your spears dip them into buttermilk then the cornmeal and repeat. After that just fry them up four or five at a time.

4th of July Appetizers

Packaging Patriotism:  July 4th

There is loads of dipping sauces that you can pair up with either one of these fabulous quick easy appetizers. How about creamy ranch bleu cheese honey mustard. Or even try adding in a bowl of garlic butter or even some garlic spread to really add in a ton of extra added flavor.

You can go to your favorite grocery store they should be located in the ethnic isle and purchase some colorful tortilla chips. You can add some rich thick and colorful salsa blended with a ton of fresh herbs. These simple 4th of July appetizers are going to be a big hit with all of your friends and family.


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