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Cinco de Mayo Menu & Recipes

Cinco de Mayo Menu

  Cinco de Mayo Recipe Cindo de Mayo is quickly approaching and you probably need some menu and recipe ideas. Cinco de mayo menu & recipes must consist of the best Mexican food.  You can easily enjoy the best Mexican foods and recipes for Cinco de mayo when you start planning ahead. Cinco de Mayo Recipes are all listed out […]

Meatball Appetizer

Meatball Appetizer

  Simple Meatball Appetizer A meatball appetizer recipe is just what you need for those parties you’re hosting.  A meatball appetizer is so universal and can be made with barbeque sauce and brown sugar or teryiaki sauce and pineapple. Another popular meatball appetizer is one served with Italian spices and marinara sauce.  A meatball appetizer is […]

Mexican Vanilla

Mexican Vanilla Recipes

  Mexican Vanilla Recipes Mexican vanilla is used in a variety of Mexican baked goods such as cakes and sweetbreads.  Mexican Manila can be found here in the United States but only in specialty stores.  If you want veal Mexican vanilla recipes for recipes made with real Mexican vanilla you have to go to Mexico.  Mexico […]

Mexican Potato

Mexican potatoes recipes

  Mexican Potato Recipes Mexican potato recipes are filling and affordable way to eat authentic traditional Mexican recipes in your own home.  Mexican potato recipes have a little bit of spicy authentic Mexican flair to them and can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You can make a Mexican potato recipes in your crockpot, in […]

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