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Greek Style Pizza Recipe

Simple Greek Style Pizza Recipe

  Simple Greek Style Pizza Recipe Did you know that there are many different Greek style pizza recipe variations? Some have sour cream and some have tons of veggies and some just have a special kind of cheese but they are all quite tasty and different in their own way. We have some super special Greek […]

Best Superbowl Chili Recipe


Best Superbowl Chili Recipe Make the best Superbowl chili recipe for the big game day this year.  The Superbowl is the time of year when the only thing that can bring rival fans together is the best appetizers and snacks.  Superbowl is all about the football game and the food.  If you want to serve […]

Mexican Traditional Dress

Mexican Traditional Dress

  Mexican Traditional Dress and Recipes There are two big distinctions when it comes to Mexican culture, the Mexican traditional dress and the Mexican Recipes.  When people think about Mexico, the Mexican traditional dress and their style of food is what always comes to mind.  Mexican traditional dress is not as common here in the […]

Peach Cobbler for Kids

peach cobbler

Peach Cobbler for Kids Peach cobbler is a sweet dessert that kids love. The flaky, delicious crust covering sweet and lightly spiced peaches makes the perfect hot or cold dessert. Kids can enjoy peach cobbler with or without ice cream. This peach cobbler recipe for kids is so easy anyone can do it and kids […]

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