Fast and Easy Recipes

The best fast and easy recipes for people who are too busy for slow recipes! Try any of our fast and easy recipes for a tasty meal!

Fast and Easy Mississippi Mud Cake

Do You Love Chocolate? I love the taste and texture of an ooey-gooey Mississippi Mud Cake. It takes me back to a time when my mom would make them for us as kids. The richness and warmth was unbeatable! I found a recipe that is a lot faster than the one my mother used to […]

Marinade for Barbecued Chicken

Easy Marinade for Barbecued Chicken A marinade for barbecued chicken is just what you need for your outdoor summer barbeques this summer. A chicken marinade just for those of you who adore barbecue sauce. Make your own barbecue chicken with this easy to prepare marinade for barbecued chicken. Grilled chicken marinade recipes save you time […]

Mexican Seafood Platter Recipe

  Mexican Seafood Platter Recipe A Mexican seafood platter recipe is perfect for any occasion.  Everyone enjoys a good seafood platter because it’s so diverse and fresh tasting.  When you make Mexican seafood recipes you are getting all the flavor of the ocean combined with fresh Mexican taste.  Enjoy the best Seafood Platter Recipe you […]

Pan Fried Fish Recipe

Pan Fried Fish Recipes

Easy Pan Fried Fish Recipe A pan fried fish recipe is the perfect thing to keep in your tackle box when you go camping.  Whether you prefer to cook indoors or by the lake after the catch you have got to have a good pan fried fish recipe.  A quick and easy pan fried fish […]

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