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The best fast and easy recipes for people who are too busy for slow recipes! Try any of our fast and easy recipes for a tasty meal!

Mexican Holidays

Mexican Holidays

  Mexican Holidays and Recipes to Serve One of the most popular Mexican holidays has got to be Cinco De Mayo.  Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of Mexican independence. Many Mexican Americans celebrate Cinco De mayo here in the United States.  You are having a Cinco De Mayo party for Mexican holidays and then you […]

Kid Friendly Simple Banana Bread Recipe


Banana Bread Recipe for Kids Make a moist homemade banana nut bread with my simple recipe. Here is a simple banana bread recipe that kids and adults both will love to make and eat. I grew up making my own banana bread recipes as a young child. It always seemed like no one would finish […]

Deep Fried Tempura Shrimp

Tempura Shrimp

  Beer Battered Tempura Shrimp Tempura Shrimp is one of my husband’s culinary specialties. I recently learned how to make it so I could write this post and I was surprised to find out that it is fairly easy! Deep fried tempura shrimp is a special meal to enjoy with your family or to share […]

Kids Love This Pumpernickel Bread Recipe


Pumpernickel Bread Recipe Just the sound of this Pumpernickel Bread Recipe makes my mouth start to water! Pumpernickel Bread is a dark rye bread with a mix of sweetness from molasses and brown sugar. Kids love the sweet taste of this easy to make Pumpernickel Bread Recipe. try this easy and kids friendly cooking recipe to make lunch come […]

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

  Mexican Cuisine Recipes Mexican cuisine is an important part of Mexican culture and heritage.  Millions of people go to Mexico every year on vacation just for the Mexican Recipes.  Mexican cuisine is also an important part of Mexico’s economy.  Mexican cuisine is fulfilling an affordable to make.  Mexican cuisine is made using the abundant […]

Cod Recipes

Healthy Cod Recipes

Healthy Cod Recipes Cod recipes are an affordable way to cut family dinners at home.  Codfish is an inexpensive whitefish that can be used in a bunch of recipes.  Codfish can be baked in a casserole, used in the crock pot or fried on the stove top for a quick and simple dinner that everyone […]

Heart Shaped Egg in a Nest

egg in a nest

Heart Shaped Egg in a Nest for Kids Valentines Day Egg in a Nest is a perfect breakfast for your little ones or even your big ones for Valentines Day. Kids love fun food and egg in a nest is truly something special for them. As simple as it is it lets them know you love […]

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