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The best fast and easy recipes for people who are too busy for slow recipes! Try any of our fast and easy recipes for a tasty meal!

Mexican Bean Soup Recipe

  Crock pot Mexican Bean Soup Recipe A Mexican bean soup recipe is the perfect addition to your dinner menu.  Bean soup is a great way to get your fiber and protein without adding on the fat.  A bean soup recipe is healthy and easy to make.  If you have a crock pot you can […]

Easy Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

Easy Hashbrown Casserole Recipe

Easy Hashbrown Casserole Recipe Hashbrown Casserole is great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It has all the makings of an awesome one dish meal. If you want to indulge you can add meats along with all that delicious cheese, the potatoes, and tasty seasonings. Just think how it would taste if you put in sausage, […]

Mexican Pinata

  Birthdays with a Mexican Pinata A Mexican pinata is a lot of fun for any birthday party or gathering.  A Mexican pinata is a paper craft designed to resemble shapes, characters and fun things.  A Mexican pinata is then filled with candy, hung from a tree and children swing at it until it it […]

Creamy White Chicken Lasagna Recipe

Creamy White Chicken Lasagna Recipe Kids love chicken and they love pasta. This Creamy White Chicken Lasagna Recipe is one they will ask for often. You can even get them to help and start them on the road to good cooking habits and even more importantly, good eating habits. Children can be taught at a […]

Mexican Flag

  About the Mexican Flag The Mexican flag consists of three colors, red, green and white.  The innermost portion of the Mexican flag, you will find the national Mexican crest.  The national Mexican crest is very symbolic to the people of Mexico and is an important part of their heritage and history.  The colors on […]

Smoked Lemon Salmon Recipe

Taste the rich flavor of smoked lemon salmon recipes. Friends, family and kids love the delicious taste of this smoked lemon salmon any time of year.

Best Smoked Lemon Salmon Recipe Smoked lemon salmon is one of the best sources of protein for anyone on a low carb diet.  Smoked salmon is low in calories, low in fat and high in protein making it one of the most delicious diet foods you can eat.  Save time and money and make your […]

Pigs in a Blanket Recipe for Kids

Pig in a Blanket Recipe There are some great fun recipes out there for kids. One of those recipes kids love is Pigs in a Blanket. Just the name is fun and imaginative. These small franks or sausages wrapped in pastry or biscuit dough and cooked are perfect for kids snacks and little hands to […]

Scrambled Burrito

  Making a scrambled burrito is a great way to make breakfast in the morning for the family loaded with protein.  The great thing about a scrambled burrito is that you can take it with you on the go, in the car or wrap it foil for later.  A scrambled burrito is a great way […]

Traditional Mexican Recipes

  Traditional Mexican Recipes to Serve Your Family Traditional Mexican recipes are an important part of Mexican culture and heritage.  Traditional Mexican recipes are also a popular part of Mexican American heritage.  In a knotted states there are several Mexican Food styles better served, and even more Mexican Restaurants that serve them.  The United States […]

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