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Super Bowl Food


Super Bowl Party Food

There is a variety of Super Bowl food you can serve for your Big Game party.  Finger foods and snacks that can be easily eaten are always the best types of easy party appetizers to make.  Stuffed mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, pigs in a blanket and other finger snacks like these are the perfect foods to make.  Prepare appetizer recipes that are quick and simple to make.…

Where Did Hamburgers Come From


Where Did Hamburgers Come From?
Hamburgers come from Hamburg Germany where it became very popular to place a flattened cooked piece of meat, often ground beef onto a sliced piece of fresh cooked buns. These sandwiches became hugely popular at local fairs and gatherings where vendors would cook and sell the sandwiches to hungry and paying customers. The life of the hamburger had begun. To this day, no other sandwich…

Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup Recipe

Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup

Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup Recipe
Are you looking for a sweet potato and bacon soup recipe? Have you heard of all the health benefits of using sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes? And you know, most people think that sweet potatoes are much tastier too. Sweet potatoes, besides being tastier, have many more antioxidants and phytonutrients than regular white potatoes.
If you make soup for french fries or anything…

Vegan Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Vegan Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Recipe
Vegan recipes for Cinco de Mayo are quick and easy, you can make your own appetizer area loaded with vegetarian and vegan recipes. using brown rice and hummus is a great way to make filling and affordable appetizer recipes for a Cinco de Mayo recipe.  Recipe ideas for vegan dishes include hummus, salads, brown rice recipes and other vegan specialties.   Mexican food is one of the…

Mexican Food Culture


About Mexican Food Culture
Mexican Food culture is popular here in the United States.  The Mexican Food culture has grown so popular that there are so many restaurants you’re in the United States that serve a variety of Mexican Foods.  Mexican Food culture is an important part of Cinco De mayo celebrations here in the United States as well as in Mexico.  Many Cinco De Mayo celebration include Cinco de…

Pizza Cooker

Pizza Cooker

There are so many reasons for someone to own a pizza cooker these days.  Pizza is one of the most universal foods in the Western culture.  With so many people eating more pizza than even hamburgers and hot dogs combined, it’s no wonder someone came up with the idea to make a pizza cooker. A pizza cooker makes a great gift for anyone you know that loves pizza.  If you…

Easy Fish Taco Recipe

Easy Fish Taco Recipe

Easy Fish Taco Recipe
Ok so first time I ever heard of fish tacos I was pretty unsure how they would taste. But these Easy Fish Tacos are really very good. A quick and easy fish taco recipe even the kids will love to eat! Need a fast and easy meal for dinner? These easy fish tacos are just what you need! Quick and easy to make, giving you more…

Mexican Coffee Recipe

cinnamon straw

Easy Mexican Coffee Recipe
Fast Mexican Coffee Recipe that you can brew first thing in the morning for a quick shot of spicy java that will help open your eyes and get you moving for the day ahead. Our Mexican Coffee Recipe is very fast and easy to fix. Spice up your coffee with a little cinnamon and some orange peel or cloves, or if you are really brave, there…

Cheeseburger History

Cheeseburger History

Cheeseburger History
Let’s talk about cheeseburger history! The cheeseburger sure seems like an All-American meal but does true cheeseburger history really show that the cheeseburger was invented in America?
It makes sense to assume that the hamburger really did come from Hamburg, Germany because of the similarities of the name but who stuck that little slice of cheese in there? And is this really something you can trace? Will we…

Beef Tips and Gravy Recipe

Beef Tips and Gravy Recipe

Beef Tips and Gravy
Beef Tips and Gravy is one of those southern meals that makes you warm and comfortable. Home cooked meals are a great way to bring them all to the dinner table or to pack lunches for work or school for the week.
Beef Tips and Gravy is also a great way to use even some of the tougher less expensive cuts of meat. When you can…

Cheese Tray Appetizers

Cheese tray

Cheese Tray Appetizers Recipe
Have you ever considered for that nice springtime afternoon, inviting friends over and putting out a cheese tray? Or you could get the family together on your patio to serve up a nice snack. Cheese trays are incredibly easy and are fun to make. You can even let the children join in, it’s a fun way to get them in the kitchen. They can put their…

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