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Holiday Baking Recipes

Holiday Baking Recipes

Simple Holiday Baking Recipes

Holiday baking recipes don’t have to be complicated and take all day.  You can make simple holiday baking recipes for cookies, cakes and other desserts easily.  The holiday is a hectic time of year for everyone; shopping, traffic, and crowded stores make life a little more difficult for those of us who enjoy the simplicity of life.  Here are some quick and easy holiday recipes that…

Vegetarian Recipe Ideas

grilled veggies

Best Vegetarian Recipe Ideas

You can look online for vegetarian recipe ideas but the best vegetarian recipe ideas are ones you make yourself.  Popular dishes can be converted to vegetarian with some simple recipe substitutions.  Take Mexican recipes and take out the meat; add your own vegetarian recipes by substituting tofu, beans, rice, vegetable and cheese.  Vegetarian recipe ideas are just a substitute away.  Vegetarian mexican food ideas like tacos,…

Homemade Angel Food Cake with Sugar Substitute Recipe


Homemade Angel Food Cake with Sugar Substitute Recipe
This is a homemade angel food cake with sugar substitute recipe for those of you who are looking to cut the calories out of your favorite sweets.  When you make a homemade angel food cake recipe with sugar substitute from scratch you can have your cake and eat it too. 
This recipe is great for anyone looking to trim down and lose…

Recipe for Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract

Recipe for Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract

Simple Recipe for Homemade Pure Vanilla Extract
This is a simple recipe for homemade pure vanilla extract for all your baking needs.  Almost all the most delicious recipes call for pure vanilla extract so it’s best to learn how to make it homemade.   When you have a recipe for homemade pure vanilla extract the baking possibilities are endless.  You can make your own homemade pure vanilla extract with this recipe…

Sausage Cheese and Potato Soup

Sausage Cheese and Potato Soup

Sausage Cheese and Potato Soup Recipes
Let’s spend some time together today talking about sausage cheese and potato soup. Sausage cheese and potato soup a wonderful welcomed change from that same old boring traditional vegetable or chicken soup. This soup is sure to wow you,’ with its many wide varieties of flavor.
You can make this soup more on the mild side or a little more on the spicy side…

Chicken Quesadilla Recipe


Fast Chicken Quesadilla Recipe
Let’s talk about chicken quesadilla. Chicken quesadillas are easy and versatile and fantastic for lunch or dinner, and if you have leftovers they sure make an easy breakfast. Chicken quesadillas are also a fantastic on the go meal. If you are looking for a super chicken quesadilla recipe then come to our recipe website and we will help you out.
We love just about all food…

Basic Mexican Rice

Basic Mexican Rice

Simple Basic Mexican Rice
Basic Mexican Rice is no more than just whole grain rice, tomato sauce and onions. In Mexico a basic Mexican rice is used with almost every Mexican recipe they serve in their cuisine.  Based Mexican rice is perfect with all Mexican recipes and every single family and a restaurant has a style all their own.  All Mexican rice recipes start out as the simple basic recipe…

Chicken Spaghetti Recipe


Chicken Spaghetti is a wonderful change from traditional spaghetti. You can add cheese or you can use regular spaghetti sauce with chicken spaghetti. You can make this fast and easy recipe for any occasion.
You can serve this with garlic bread and a salad or just by itself. You can not go wrong with chicken spaghetti.
Make this for dinner or pot luck dinners. You will not have any left…

Super Bowl Food


Super Bowl Party Food

There is a variety of Super Bowl food you can serve for your Big Game party.  Finger foods and snacks that can be easily eaten are always the best types of easy party appetizers to make.  Stuffed mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, pigs in a blanket and other finger snacks like these are the perfect foods to make.  Prepare appetizer recipes that are quick and simple to make.…

Where Did Hamburgers Come From


Where Did Hamburgers Come From?
Hamburgers come from Hamburg Germany where it became very popular to place a flattened cooked piece of meat, often ground beef onto a sliced piece of fresh cooked buns. These sandwiches became hugely popular at local fairs and gatherings where vendors would cook and sell the sandwiches to hungry and paying customers. The life of the hamburger had begun. To this day, no other sandwich…

Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup Recipe

Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup

Sweet Potato and Bacon Soup Recipe
Are you looking for a sweet potato and bacon soup recipe? Have you heard of all the health benefits of using sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes? And you know, most people think that sweet potatoes are much tastier too. Sweet potatoes, besides being tastier, have many more antioxidants and phytonutrients than regular white potatoes.
If you make soup for french fries or anything…

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