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The best fast and easy recipes for people who are too busy for slow recipes! Try any of our fast and easy recipes for a tasty meal!

Easy Mashed Potato Recipes

Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipes

Mashed Potatoes are a traditional side dish at any dinner table during any holiday meal! Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be the same without some form of mashed potatoes being served. It can be mashed sweet potatoes, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, or just good ol’ classic country style mashed potatoes!

The Best Mt Dew Cupcakes Recipe Ever

mt dew cupcake

Simple Mt Dew Cupcake Recipe Kids love my Mt Dew cupcakes recipe. Talk about a fun cupcakes for birthday parties! This Mt Dew cupcakes recipe is everything kids want in a cupcake. Quick and Easy Mt Dew Cupcake Recipe for busy moms who have fussy kids! Learn how to make Mt Dew Cupcakes by following my simple […]

Mexican Vanilla

Mexican Vanilla Recipes

  Mexican Vanilla Recipes Mexican vanilla is used in a variety of Mexican baked goods such as cakes and sweetbreads.  Mexican Manila can be found here in the United States but only in specialty stores.  If you want veal Mexican vanilla recipes for recipes made with real Mexican vanilla you have to go to Mexico.  Mexico […]

Gouda Appetizer

Gouda Appetizer

Simple Gouda Appetizer Make a simple Gouda appetizer recipe is a great way to serve your guests at a party.  Because Gouda cheese is so delicious, making appetizers from them is just a great idea.  Of the cheese appetizer is one of our easy appetizer recipes that you can prepare for any party, picnic or potluck.  […]

Fajitas for Tailgating Parties


Perfect Fajitas Recipe for Tailgating Parties Bust out the grill, toss the burgers and make the best fajitas for tailgating you’ve ever tasted.  Why be traditional when you can have these great tasting fajitas for tailgating parties before the big game.  Football season has dawned and let the man drama begin!  Bring the best fajitas for tailgating […]

Tandoori Chicken Quesadillas

Tandoori Chicken Quesadillas

Tasty Tandoori Chicken Quesadillas.  Tandoori chicken quesadillas are a sweet and spicy flavor that combines the cuisine of China and Mexico. Make these tandoori chicken quesadillas for dinner or appetizers for parties.  Guests will love tasting this delicious tandoori chicken quesadillas at your parties.  This tandoori chicken quesadillas makes a great recipe for Super Bowl […]

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